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City Services & Information

Water Works Park

The City of Baxley is proud to have various amenities for citizens. From Water Works Park where children gather and play in the fountain on sunny Saturday afternoons to downtown shopping, heritage and the joys of small town life, we are happy you are considering visiting Baxley, Georgia.

Baxley Municipal Airport

Baxley is proud to have a newly renovated airport facility, complete with lodging, lounging and conference facilities. Fuel servicing is available 24/7 and weather information can be accessed at all times from inside the secure facility. For airport information, contact Van Mills, airport manager at (912) 367-3232.

For fuel prices and other information visit:

For more airport information click here: Baxley Municipal Airport Info Sheet

Omega Cemetery

Omega Cemetery is located on U.S. Highway 1 North. The City of Baxley has cemetery lot ownership records dating back to 1940. The 2008 mapping project was used to update files to provide future generations the ability to locate relatives buried in Omega Cemetery. For more information on burial at Omega Cemetery, please contact City Hall. The Omega Cemetery lot map and ordinance defining the rules and regulations of the cemetery are below.

Water Works Park

Water Works Park is a popular destination for Baxley citizens and visitors alike. Featuring a water fountain, covered stage, seating and indoor facility the park offers a great place for a family picnic, party or quaint place to rest for a while. What is now the Reservoir Building was one of the first above ground water storage sites in Baxley, but can now be reserved for parties and events. Rental information and guidelines can be found below. Many great events take place at Water Works Park throughout the year. Check out our calendar for more information on events. For questions, contact City Hall at (912) 367-8300.

Yard Sale Permit Info

Yard sale permits are only required within Baxley city limits. Unless waived by an act of the Mayor and Council or in accordance with the Yard Sale Ordinance, yard sale permits in the City of Baxley are $10. An individual can apply to have four (4) yard sales annually. A yard sale permit must be obtained from City Hall at least two (2) business days prior to the start date of the yard sale. To get a permit, a resident must provide the name, address and date(s) upon which the yard sale will be conducted. Residents who host a yard sale on their own property are not charged the $10 permit fee. Individuals that apply to host a yard sale on by someone other than themselves must provide written consent from the property owner. All yard sale applicants must be residents of Appling County.

Yard sales should not block the free flow of traffic or create a hazardous condition for vehicular traffic or pedestrians. Yard sale merchandise should be set back at least 10 ft from any sidewalk, curb or right of way and at least 5 feet from property lines. Any person holding a yard sale may erect no more than three temporary directional signs during the time of the yard sale. Signs must be no larger than two feet by three ft and must be removed within 24 hours of sale end.

For more information on yard sales or to get your permit contact City Hall at (912) 367-8300

Water/Sewer/Garbage Rates

Water - base rate (0-2,000 gallons)                  $ 11.35
Sewer - base rate (0-2,000 gallons)                  $ 12.40
Water per thousand (over 2,000 gallons)         $ 3.40 per thousand
Sewer per thousand (over 2,000 gallons)         $ 3.60 per thousand

Water - base rate (0-2,000 gallons)                  $ 17.00
Sewer - base rate (0-2,000 gallons)                  $ 18.60
Water per thousand (over 2,000 gallons)         $ 5.10 per thousand
Sewer per thousand (over 2,000 gallons)         $ 5.40 per thousand

90 Gallon Container (residential)                       $ 14.00/month

2 Yard Container                                                    $ 42.00/month

4 Yard Container                                                    $85.00/month

6 Yard Container                                                    $127.00/month

8 Yard Container                                                   $170.00/month

City Services & Information

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